Three Jews Among Protesters Killed on Maidan

Josef Shiling was well-known in the Drogobych Jewish community of Lviv oblast (region). He was 61. He and his wife Anna raised two daughters, and he has four granddaughters. He was a construction worker who had worked in Italy in recent years; Anna also worked in Italy. . . .

Alexander Scherbanyuk was buried in his home city of Chernivtsi; he was dressed in a vyshyvanka – a shirt embroidered with classic Ukrainian patterns. He was buried with a gas mask, a hardhat, and a kippah. He had been a member of the “Beit Simcha” community. Orthodox priests of several denominations who had not known about his faith offered to hold an Orthodox ceremony for him, but he was buried with a rabbi’s prayer. . . .

Evgeniy Kotlyar, a resident of Kharkiv, was 33. He was well-known among left-wing activists and ecologists who fought against the criminal city authorities and their destruction of parks. He worked in industrial alpinism.

A sniper killed him on Institutskaya.



This Kyiv Post article suggests it is just one person:

One of the civilian victims of the Maidan, a member of the now venerated “Heavenly Hundred,” the 100 or so protestors shot to death by Yanukovych’s special police units, was a Jewish-Ukrainian from Chernivtsi named Oleksandr Shcherbaniuk.