What Moscow did to Koenigsberg, it will try to do to Crimea

Moscow’s destructive approach to its exclave of Kaliningrad [former East Prussian city of Koenigsberg – Ed.] over the last 70 years suggests what the Russian state will try to do to Crimea in the future: expelling the indigenous population, replacing it with Russians, militarizing the territory, and despoiling and degrading the economy and culture of the region.


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  1. Beauregard

    following this posting thru Urls this is found:

    “currently between 4,000 and 7,000 Russian informers in Kyiv and up
    to 5,000 armed platforms”

    My friends in Kiev, do you have a gun? You just may need one. As
    recently seen Ukraine used missiles to attack rebels in Eastern Ukraine.
    If you have followed Putin, he will retaliate in greater kind. Will he
    launch missiles first to Donetsk go directly at Kiev?

    Anticipate a Russian retaliation.


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