A svoboda deputy writes about Mises (warning, this is blindingly stupid)

This article is so idiotic, it makes my head hurt. The author is a member of the Svoboda Party and a city deputy. The title of the article can be translated as “A liberal in the service of fascists.” He seems to argue that Mises was a fascist (completely ignoring Mises’s scathing criticism of National Socialism), not to mention the fact that he fled Austria for his life. He concludes by saying that communism killed 100 million people, and liberalism (in the European or 19th century sense) has caused all wars, economic conflicts, hunger and other blights.

If he actually made an articulate point, I would argue against it, but his ideas are so convoluted and contradictory, it’s like trying to punch jello — there’s nothing there.

Here’s an automatic translation of the article.

I’m happy to see there’s a long comment with scathing criticism.