Another Russian Citizen Reports from Western Ukraine

“Trip report in Ternopil.

The first and most important thing I want to note, despite the fact that I am a representative of a country which almost declared war (and now everyone thinks that announced), despite the fact that I’m English and don’t use Ukrainian language in communicating with local people. Despite the fact that I spoke and approached as to ordinary people and to Bandera, and the police, and to UNA UNSO and the Right sector. Despite all these factors, I have never insulted and made no attempt to answer any one of the interlocutors. No one ever spoke against the Russians. The only ones who have it against the authorities of Russia who lead an aggressive policy towards Ukraine. Even more I was amazed that people including Banderas behaved very polite in talking with me, asked about the life of Russians in the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, and asked to convey Russians that no one here is not to harass the Russians and even not going.

At the same time, my photos have appeared on the page “Antimajdan” with the comment “banderovec and disgrace Russia” and I write in lichku to dozens of people in my homeland with threats and insults. Call me a traitor, and all this why? I really did something bad Russian or Russia? I kind of like took part in organizing a variety of useful for Russian events. Although that prompted the call me a traitor to Russia? :) The fact that I just arrived in Ukraine, and not lying that supposedly kill and rape People? I write what I see, if you don’t like, and someone thinks that I am lying, come and see it yourself.

Tonight I’m heading to Kiev, I will follow the events from there.

In the end the trip at L’vov I am extremely satisfied with, not yet met more hospitable people than the local “rusofobov”:)

Continue to look for rusofobov I am not going in Ukraine, I was finally convinced that this myth hyped by politicians.
Michael Svetlozarov “