As a multiple time combat Veteran, I say: “Happy Independence Day, Afghanistan”

It was a waste, and a failure, and obvious as such for over a decade. The military is for fighting. The psychopathic busy bodies in government, media, and academia (and their drone-like followers who probably sleep with the news on, lest they not know what they are supposed to believe), think it’s their business to change the way everybody lives. Consequently, the entire military was transformed into a police force and social influence organization. Soldiers should not be police. Soldiers are for killing and breaking things, not policing and fixing.

What do I care if Afghans destroy statues in the name of Islam (as opposed to destroying them in the name of tolerance)? What do I care if Afghans mutilate children’s genitals for the wrong reasons, instead of for the right reasons, as we do in the U.S.? Were mandates about face covering supposed to be a bad thing?

With the utter hypocrisy which I now consider to be the norm, it is the same people and institution who’ve spent the last generation promoting cultural relativism who are now outraged that culture on the other side of the world has resoundingly rejected the neo-liberal order.

I want the silver lining to be a re-assertion of the principle of self-determination.


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