Facts Vs Opinions (from a Youtube discussion where I was accused of being biased)

The Maidan protests were never Nazi or Fascist. Russia’s mercenary leaders have been members of explicitly Nazi organizations and use explicit Nazi symbols.
The Maidan protests never threatened Jews. (Three Jewish Ukrainian were killed protesting on Maidan.)
The Maidan protests and the new government never threatened Russians. Russians also protested on Maidan.
Pro Russian protests in the east were never assaulted.
Pro Ukrainian protests were viciously assaulted in Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Crimea by hooligans imported from Russia — imported hooligans were used in Tallinn Estonia in 2009 when Estonians relocated (not even fully removed!) a statue to the Soviet “liberators,” who after “liberation” deported 17% of the Estonian population to Siberia.
Only the Russians have used torture. Only the Russians have systemically kidnapped journalists.
There is no “ethnic cleansing” of Russian speakers as Daniel McAdams claims. Half the fucking Ukrainian military speaks Russian. The closest thing to ethnic cleansing is the Russian terror / intimidation campaigns in Crimea and the east.
Russia did indeed invade Crimea (contrary to McAdam’s claims).
Russia is indeed supplying the mercenaries in the east (contrary to McAdam’s claims).
No Russian books have been burned. The Russians have staged Ukrainian book burnings.
While Russia’s professional provocateurs imagine and advertize hatred toward Russians in Ukraine (and Finland, Estonia, Lativa, Lituania, Belarus, Khazakstan, Georgia), little of it exist. On the other hand, within Russia itself, Ukrainian language story books even get removed from libraries.
Politifact concluded that statements by Paul Crag Roberts and others that the US spent $5 Billion overthrowing Ukraine’s government are gross distortions.

These are facts. I am also biased. But the above thing are facts. Here are my opinions:

Ukraine is a culture trying to defend itself by establish a state. Russia is a state trying to find legitimacy by enforcing a uniform culture (ie obliterating the local cultures of conquered peoples).

Russia is a fake people and a fake culture. Czar Peter I of Muskovy gave the name “Russian” too all the diverse people he conquered — slavs, Turkiks, Tartars, Asians, Finno Ugrics. The stole the legacy Kievan Rus which was located in Ukraine 300 before Moscow even existed.

So Czar Peter stole the name for his conquered people from Ukraine, and he stole the flag from Holland, where he studied.

He, and subsequent “Russian” leaders have had to aggressive edit history, destroying, editing, hiding ancient cronicals to create a single polity. It has been failing miserably for 200 years, which is why they’ve needed to murder all those millions of people, but that doesn’t work either.

Russia’s main exports are tyranny and misery. Kim Il Sung, Mao, Castro — all trained in Russia.