FB Conversation about EU, Russia & cultural destruction

Oh yeah the EU is so wonderful. You can do what ever you want as long as Brussels approves. Free travel to destroy the cultural identity of the entire continent. All these new EU members really want is some security and economic prosperity, but it comes at a price. See the trends of increasing public and private debt and decreasing religiousness as the east is “westernised”. This is not happening by chance.

Paul Michal, in Soviet Union there was also free travel that destroyed cultural identity (or at least tried) – free travel to Siberia (my father got the ticket) or to steppes (for Crimean Tatars).

We, people of the borderlands, need to make practical choices. And even if we loose our national identity it is way better to loose it in EU than in (Soviet) Russia…

Roman I would say that burning Ukrainian language books and stabbing to death pro-Ukrainian protesters is a little more serious destruction of cultural identity. Both things happened last week in Ukraine. There has been no analogous violence toward Russians.