(From November) Looking for foreigners to work in Ukraine’s gov’t

Prague-based Pedersen & Partners and Korn Ferry, global head hunting firms, have found 185 potential employees, many of whom are members of Ukrainian community in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. . . .

The Renaissance Foundation, a global network of policy consulting centers launched by American billionaire George Soros, has sponsored the headhunting process. It paid as much as $82,200 to two companies involved in finding the capable employees for the government agencies.


Wikipedia: The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) (Ukrainian: Міжнародний фонд “Відродження”) is a Ukrainian NGO founded by George Soros.

Suspicious about that last part, because George Soros does not seem like a force for good in the world, though being close to the events in Ukraine, I think it’s okay. I think he is primarily concerned with the threat the Russia poses to Jews and to everyone else.