Pharma-tyranny in Ukraine

The push in Ukraine over the course of the past month has been insane. You can’t travel in public transportation. You can’t order food in a restaurant. You can’t go a store . . . unless you’ve taken the experimental shot.

This is particularly absurd because the experimental shot neither prevents you from getting nor from transmitting Covid! So why do only un-vaccinated people need testing. (Answer: probably because only testing unvaccinated will produce data indicating that unvaccinated people are at higher risk.)

I know many people concerned about these experimental shots who caved in. It seems Ukrainians are too poor and uncertain about their economic station to resist.

Though I do also know many, including my son’s chess tutor, who quit their jobs.

The pressure is very intense right now. It’s very demoralizing.

Here’s a video compilation of headlines about DOZENS of athletes who’ve had heart attacks during and after their games. Yeah, perfectly normal.