Russian headline: Ukrainians began to be treated for coronavirus with a drug for livestock

CNN went after Joe Rogan for his use of Ivermectin in the same condescending way.


Ukrainians are self-treating for coronavirus infection with Ivermectin, which in Ukraine is used only for livestock. Olga Golubovskaya, the leading infectious disease specialist of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, spoke about this, the Ukraine 24 TV channel reports.

“The worst thing is that we don’t have it [a type of drug for people], it is only in veterinary practice. For people, not all countries have it in tablet form,” she said.

According to Golubovskaya, it is recommended to treat coronavirus with this remedy in the United States. However, the Americans have in mind the form of the drug, designed for humans. Veterinary dosages of Ivermectin are intended for horses and other large animals, they are dangerous for human patients. “What do they do with us, having heard enough? They [Ukrainians] buy a veterinary drug and begin not only to drink, but also to inject intramuscularly, ”the infectious disease specialist noted.

Ivermectin is used against parasites. It is not an antiviral drug.

The European regulator EMA said that the latest data do not support the effectiveness of the drug for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19. . . . .