Russian Propaganda invents Syrian Opposition Leader

Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army
13 hours ago
Oct 12

General Staff of Supreme Military Command- Press Office

Note To All Media Outlets:

The General Staff of the Free Syria Army vehemently refutes any relationship with Fahd Al-Masri. He is not part of the Free Syrian Army, nor has he had any official role in the FSA, nor was he ever designated a spokesperson for the FSA. Any opinions he has given to the media are his own personal views, and are NOT an opinion of the General Staff of the FSA. We request that all media outlets refrain from characterizing Fahd Al-Masri as a representative of the FSA, which he is not.

With regards to the statement Al-Masri released about Jabhat Al-Sahil, statements he has given on Russia Today TV channel, and with regards to the media outlets who have characterized him as a media spokesperson for the FSA, it should be known that: Fahd Al-Masri’s statements are NOT accurate, and in fact, his statements are evidence that he has no idea about the reality of the situation in Syria. It must also be emphasized that Fahd Al-Masri simply cannot observe what is happening on the ground in Syria… how can a man who is situated in Paris or Jordan make conclusions about the reality on the ground in Syria, when he is not present in the country? The fact of the matter is that he has no idea what is going on with Jabhat Al-Sahil, nor with any Jabhat in Syria.

All the military factions of Jabhat Al-Sahil are aware of the contributions of the General Staff of the FSA, and if Fahd Al-Masri would like to know what is going on, he should reach out to the leadership of Jabhat Al-Sahil or to any of the battalions that belong to the General Staff of the FSA, which are present in Al-Sahil. Then Fahd Al-Masri can relate what he knows to the media, if he wishes, but only as his own personal view, and NOT as a spokesperson for the FSA.

The General Staff of the FSA has its own media office which can communicate with him directly, if he desires.