Seems a lot of Russian Invaders died near Debaltsev

The Ukrainian army has adopted a new tactics of using baits to pull Russian terrorists out into open spaces and destroying them with the artillery and other long-range weapons, Russian military analyst Vladimir Golyshev writes in his blog.

“Immediately after the direct Russian invasion in August last year, the expert wrote that Ukraine’s purpose in this war was to destroy enemy’s military equipment and manpower. At some point, Russia will face the lack of both.


The Ukrainian army, for the first time in its history, held a successful defensive operation on a broad front showing itself to be fully capable in battle. After 8 days of fighting Ukrainian troops successfully repelled the Muscovite assault. The Muscovite army of mercenaries had attempted to destroy the Ukrainian defense in the Donbas and dramatically change the course of the war. The enemy was unable to achieve this goal and suffered heavy, possibly crippling losses. . . .

Detailed description of battle: