Stomcloudsgathering is another Kremlin troll

Someone just called my attention to this ridiculous video about Odesa:


That video is ridiculous. Most of the police department (to the horror of Ukrainians) donned red armbands and supported the pro-Russians. They weren’t hiding the fact as this “secret footage” claims.

This was widely reported to the horror of Ukrainians. The head of the Odesa police was quickly replaced after this incident.

So the fact that police protected hooligans is not evidence of they were a false flag. It was basically a repeat of the violent crackdowns on pro-Ukraine protests in Donetsk and Kharkiv except this time (finally) the Ukrainians fought back.

Sequence of events:

– The members of football clubs “Metallist” (Kharkiv) and Chernomorec (Odesa) announce a march for the “Unity of Ukraine”, which is to take place at 15:00, starting on the Sobornaya Square, and ending near the football stadium “Chernomorec”;

– 14:30: Pro-Russian activists gather near the Alexandrovskiy Prospectus. They wear marks, helmets and have shields, and are armed with sticks, bats and axes.

– Pro-Russian activists start marching towards the Sobornaya Square, while police makes weak attempts at stopping them;

– In the meantime, pro-Ukrainian activists are gathered on the Sobornaya Square. Having been warned about armed pro-Russian activists marching in this direction, self-defense of Maidan starts pulling up towards the Square from the side of Grecheskaya Street;

– Clashes commence between the football fans and the pro-Russian activists as the latter reach the Sobornaya Square;

– The street is covered in smoke. Police forms a 50 meters wide “neutral line” in between the pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian activists;

– Both sides start pulling cobblestones out of the roads;

– Pro-Russian activists start building barricades from trash containers and other nearby materials;

– Activists from the Emergency Moto-Assistance (no political affiliation) arrive and block the entries to the Grecheskaya Street. Shops on the neighbouring streets are closing;

– First casualties appear and ambulances start arriving;

– Pro-Russian activists armed with bats and Ьolotov cocktails make an entry;

– Pro-Russian activists start throwing Molotov cocktails. Police helps the pro-Russian activists by forming a “live shield” in front of them, who then start shooting from behind the policemen;

– The police eventually withdraw.

– The Pro-Russian were eventually routed and took shelter in the building. BOTH sides were throwing anything they could find at one another. Molotov cocktails were being thrown from the building as well as at it.

– Corrupt Odesa police release all the Russian organizers of the assault. In the following days.

Here’s footage of Ukrainian protesters saving the lives of people in the burning building: desa/

There’s plenty of evidence Odesa was, like Donetsk and Kharkiv, a preplanned attack on a pro-Ukrainian demonstration: -for-may-8/