The Chaos of War — logistical incompetence re the surrounded 72nd Brigade

MY EXPERIENCE WITH WAR tells me you don’t have to be competent. Just less incompetent than the other guy. It’s always a huge struggle against chaos. There are too many people, too many moving parts. Nothing is working. It’d be comical if the stakes weren’t so high.

But even for such a chaotic endeavor, this story about Ukraine’s mechanized 72nd Brigade, which recently escaped from a deadly encirclement is pretty bad. Thanks to Andriy Drozda for forwarding it to me.

when 72 brigade had been surrounded in a “kettle” near Russian border they run out of ammunition (to artillery). so, they asked for helicopter to deliver them some more. and when helicopter had arrived it dropped ammunition. BUT – caliber was wrong! guys from 72 brigade made a call and informed about a mistake. they asked to send helicopter once more. it arrived and delivered ammunition of different caliber (comparing to the first case). BUT – it was wrong caliber again! curtain falls