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  1. elmer

    Interview on TVi with Andrew Kornatsky, the opposition candidate, from June 21, 2013.

    The discussion discusses in detail the hired gangs who attack whatever and whoever the regime tells them to attack.


    Kornatsky discusses that the initial attack is not the end, and how he continues to receive threats, and that he is being threatened because of his opposition candidacy.

    This is really, really awful.

    Zookraine does not have a government.

    It is controlled by a criminal enterprise calling itself a “government.”

    It is an insane asylum – a дурдом

  2. Ed K


    Have you noticed our host is mining bit coins? Is this
    an enterprise that your government controlled by a
    criminal enterprise wants its share? Could our host
    be next?

    Maybe Roman needs a food tester? Ask Victor Yashchenko?


    “I don’t think there’s much point in bemoaning the state
    of the world unless there’s some way you can think of to
    improve it. Otherwise, don’t bother writing a book; go
    and find a tropical island and lie in the sun.”
    Peter Singer

  3. elmer

    Ed K, if you are suggesting that Zookrainians should just roll over and die, and let yanusvoloch the criminal and his criminal gangsters continue to rape, maim, pillage, kill and rob Zoorkaine – I don’t accept that.

    Why is it that in Zookraine, the gangsters can implement a criminal system for yansuvoloch, Akhmetov, Pinchuk, Kuichma, Kolomoisky, etc. – but Zookrainians can’t figure out how to oppose it?

    Case in point:

    The CAPITAL of Zookraine, has to wait until the Donbas dickheads and shitheads in the zRada vote on when to have city council and mayoral elections in Zookraine.

    What the hell kind of crap is that?

    London does not wait for Parliament to vote on whether to have elections.

    New York City does not wait for Congress to vote on whether to have elections.

    Toronto does not wait for Parliament to vote on whether to have elections.

    The elections are held regularly, and are set by law.

    But in Zookraine – the people swallow the shit from the criminal yanusvoloch, Yefremov, Lavrynovych, zArazov, Kolesnikov, Kolesnichenko, Olena Bondarenko, Chechetov, Victor Medvedchuk, etc. – and throw up their hands and claim it can’t be fixed.

    Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

    Are Zookrainians really that abominably stupid?

    Are Zookrainians really that abominably insane?

    Are Zookrainians really that grossly incompetent and incapable?

  4. Ed K


    What is missing is Leaders.

    Who are leaders?
    First they are made not born.
    Second, they want to leaders.
    And most important they have integrity.

    What is missing is someone who has the fire inside to lead Ukraine.

    There are many sources of information about intergity and leadership.
    Here is a recently web posting about situation in USA by a man who
    understands leadership and integrity:
    ———————- // ————————–

    Saturday, June 22, 2013
    Guest Post: Trying to Change the Topics
    Colonel Donald J. Myers USMC (Ret)

    Any time that an organization or individual is on the
    losing side of an issue, the best course of action is to
    change the subject.

    It seems that the administration is doing that now.

    One potential scandal after another has been facing the
    administration for weeks, and attempts to explain them has
    been sadly amateurish and ineffective.

    No one seems to be in charge or know anything about
    what happened in Benghazi, the IRS, and the Dept. of
    Justice going after the Associated Press.

    The key individual in the IRS has been placed on
    paid leave (a vacation at taxpayers expense), the FBI
    director had no idea who was investigating the
    IRS scandal or how many people were involved,
    and the head of the National Security Agency stated
    that his agency was not reading Emails.

    As the bad news continues, the administration
    announced that it now has positive evidence that
    Syria used chemical weapons against its citizens
    and as a result, the United States will arm the
    antigovernment rebels. The timing of this announcement
    seems rather suspect and the key element in the rebel
    forces has ties to Al-Qaeda. This could be the latest
    example of the Arab Spring becoming another disaster.

    We have been fighting in Afghanistan for years and
    now the administration has announced that it will be
    negotiating with the Taliban as we leave the country.
    This is like speaking with Hitler and hoping that his
    seizure of Czechoslovakia will end his desire for
    taking over countries. The Taliban ravaged the country
    and allowed it to be a safe haven for terrorists. Of course,
    we will demand that it no longer will do this. TSK TSK!!

    Each of these topics that attempt to change the
    subject and allow the administration to ignore the
    growing emphasis on the numerous scandals will fail.
    One of the chapters in my book on leadership is TRUST.
    Trust must be earned and it is earned on a daily basis by
    what the leader habitually does. It is not what he says,
    but by what he does. We have seen what the government
    has done in numerous areas, and we do not like it.
    ————————- // ————————————-

  5. elmer

    How often have I heard a call in Zookraine, starting with Taras Shevchenko, for a George Washington.

    Or a Ghandi. Or some other magical leader who will fall from the sky, like manna from heaven, and solve all of Zookraine’s problems.

    What utterly useless pining and moaning and hoping and wishing – it results in nothing.

    The United States has had all sorts of leaders in its presidency, in Congress, in its courts.

    Bad, good – all sorts.

    But in a democratic system, in a system of government of the people, by the people, and for the people, individuals are not important.

    The system of checks and balances is important.

    It has been said over and over and over again – the US is a nation of laws, not men.


    Hitlerism, Stalisnism – those were systems of individual leaders. They required oaths not to their countries, but to themselves.

    In the US, officials swear to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.

    In Zookraine, the sovok mafiosi swear loyalty only to themselves and the Bolshevik Regionnaires.

    Hoping for “benign kings,” or “beneficent leaders” is a path to disaster.

    Oh, sure, leadership is important, but only in the context of a good system of checks and balances.

    “If men were angels, there would be no need of government.”

    And, from Mark Twain:

    “Patriotism is supporting one’s country always – and one’s government when it deserves it.”

    Leaders cannot operate without the support of the people.

    Unfortunately, in Zookraine, people think that government and the courts don’t concern them.

    They think that by keeping their heads down, that by keeping under the radar, everything will be OK, and that “someone else” will come along to make things right.

    In this one regard, brilliant genius that he was, Taras Shevchenko was absolutely wrong.

    As are the people of Zookraine today.

    Zookraine’s government is a criminal enterprise comprised of sovok mafia Bolshevik Regionnaires, who will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to keep their wealth and power.

    Wishing for a magic man leader is not enough, and will only make things worse.

    Taras Shevchenko, and Zookrainians today, have a fundamental and disastrous misconception in wishing and hoping for a magic man leader.

  6. Ed K

    Elmer said, “Some other magical leader who will fall from the sky.”
    May I refer you back to my post, ‘leaders are made’, they do not fall from sky.
    Let us look at Roman and his background and training.

    Roman does not speak to his military training but he was given courses
    in leadership, training and people management. That is function of
    military officer which he was.

    He was placed in situations where he had to apply those skills, specifically
    he had to take book or class room learning and use it.

    Nothing in the world beats that training and experience. Some refer
    to it as experiencology.

    You cited George Washington. He started as a land surveyor. Then
    company commander and then higher level officer. He did not start on top.

    And his role was military commander, not writer of documents which
    organized USA.

    Thus the program of Washington’s and others development was gradual.

    Ukraine has a problem in that many who would ‘carry the burdens of
    Ukraine’ were killed during wars or by Soviet’s system.

    Ukraine lacks pool of strong people with integrity and method to develop

    I suggest the Diaspora is not answer. Contrary to comments made, they
    are no longer native Ukrainians. That being said, they can offer guidance.

    One problem is guidance offered is oft referred to as ‘iron commands’.

    Elmer said, “Wishing for a magic man leader is not enough.” I agree
    with your comment. So what is answer for Ukraine?

    One way is to choose not to associate with criminals.

    Speak out on the subject as I do here. Educate and demand simple honesty.

    Take the pulpit from the priest on Sunday and speak to the congregation
    about demanding integrity. I suspect the priest would be stunned.

    There are ways you can have an effect, albeit small. Have courage to
    march to the drummer whose beat is integrity.

    But have the savvy to have an exit plan in case those like those talked
    about above, want to do you in. Ask Roman to introduce you to Alex, he is
    very knowledgeable in how to secretly organize opposition. He lived it.
    He done it. He is still alive.

    March on Christian Soldier.

  7. elmer

    “Ukraine has a problem in that many who would ‘carry the burdens of
    Ukraine’ were killed during wars or by Soviet’s system.

    Ukraine lacks pool of strong people with integrity and method to develop

    I disagree. Strongly. Very strongly.

    How is it that the thugs in power managed to learn how to steal in 2 seconds?

    How is it that the thugs in power have repeatedly devised specific mechanisms to defeat democracy – the pseudo-court system populated by chimps in robes who declared a constitution unconstitutional; the theft of elections as we saw recently; the list goes on?

    How is it that people recognize that “something is wrong”?

    Yet they don’t do anything about it.

    They sell their votes for buckwheat.

    They draw faces on the huge potholes in the street.

    That’s about it.

    There are plenty of people in Zookraine who are more than adequate and fine leaders.

    But, as Vitaly Portnikov has said (I paraphrase him), the village idiots in Zookraine keep voting for the ones who beat them over the head and steal from them.

    They keep voting for the Bolshevik Regionnaires.

    And the Bolshevik Regionnaires keep screwing with the system to keep themselves in power.

    I make my comments because I expect Ukraine to be better than everyone else.

    But the village idiots in Zookraine keep selling their votes for buckwheat and stale tea from space cadet thugs like Chernovetsky for the benefit of Firtash.

    It’s not the leadership that is the problem – well, Yushchenko was a disaster, OK.

    But, in the largest measure, it is also the village idiots in Zookraine.

    Democracy is not a military organization.

    The sooner the village idiots in Zookraine wake up and come to their senses, the better off Ukraine will be.

  8. Ed K


    It is great to get your replies.

    However, you miss my main thesis, which is you ‘da man!

    You not the village idiots.

    You must beat the drum boldly and loudly…

    Or maybe teach them how to point and use guns… and
    make guns to use. Lead an armed revolt.

    But such does not just happen. It takes persuasion.

    Maybe start by persuading those on Sunday who show up for church?

    Elmer said, “They keep voting for the Bolshevik Regionnaires.”

    So I ask, were you on ballot? Did they have real choice?

    ——————– // ————————

    “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together
    to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but
    rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the
    sea” Antoine de Saint-Exupery quotes (French pilot, writer
    and author of ‘The Little Prince’, 1900-1944)


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