Lviv Grappling Open 2014


Oleh and I train together. He and I spent about 4-5 hours judging the beginner/intermediate categories of the competition. Turn out was much bigger than expected. Maybe 60-80 competitors overall.

After the beginner/intermediate categories, he and I both competed in the advanced category. I lost in the finale to finish in 2nd place. One of my bouts is below. The ref scored it 20-3 in my favor, though I think it was actually 18-5. Below is also Oleh’s final which he tied (then lost the coin toss).



It was a rush. Haven’t felt it in a while — tension, anxiety, triumph, despair (in the final). Totally worth it.


  1. Ed K

    All the pictures but little about Oleh.

    Does Oleh follow this web site? Get him to post?

    What ever happened to Andrii? Have you trained him to help
    run this web site? Maybe he could borrow camera and take
    pictures of his wife, kids, house? You know it is getting towards
    major Ukrainian holiday. Get Andrii to share holiday with world?

    Is it safe for visitors in Lviv?


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