Vitaly Portnikov: After the arrest of Dmitry Firtash Putin began to drastically change position (UPDATE)

Translated by Google:

After the arrest of Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash can emerge many interesting details about the activities of the leaders of Russia

This opinion was expressed on the air Espreso.TV journalist Vitaly Portnikov .

“It Firtash and people close to him were those who were able to recognize the mood of the Russian political leadership . Immediately after the arrest of the Russian capital Firtasha report came Putin’s meeting with the Federation Council . I think there was talk not only about the Crimea , but that can tell Firtash FBI interrogation “- said Portnikov .

He also noted that the arrest Firtasha can dramatically influence the political process and in Kiev and in Moscow.

“Arrest Firtasha changes the entire political process in post-Soviet space. He knows a lot about those who remained in Kiev , abroad and those in Moscow , and thinks that still reigns in the world ” – he said.

In the afternoon, Putin held an emergency meeting with Russian oligarchs. Its details are unknown, but right after that Putin speaks at a meeting of the Security Council with his own words, which he never spoke for two weeks of the war . . . .

“We can not ignore the events that develop around Ukraine , Crimea, and everything to do with this difficult problem that arose , I want to stress this is not our fault . This crisis arose , and we are involved in one way or another it. I note that this is primarily Domestic to domestic crisis . Unfortunately, we all understand that we were somehow involved in these events . Let’s think together on how we build relationships with our partners and friends in Ukraine and with our other partners in Europe and in the United States , “- said the Kremlin press service .