The Soviet Gas Chamber – and Wikipedia Cover-up

Soviet mobile Gas Chambers were vehicles which would execute their passengers by making them breathe deadly exhaust fumes.

Wikipedia has recently been heavily edited, removing the Soviet Union completely from the Introduction, which now portrays these mobile gas chambers as an exclusively Nazi thing.

It seems that there’s still a section on the Soviet Union’s use. I wonder whether the multiple spellings of the alleged inventor’s name is an intentional obfuscation:

Isai Berg
Isaj Berg
Isay Berg

ccording to testimony given by NKVD officer Nikolai Kharitonov in 1956, Isai Berg had been instrumental in the production of gas vans.[19] Berg had become chief of the administrative economic department in Moscow’s NKVD in the summer of 1937.[20] In October 1937 he was charged with the supervision of the Butovo firing range.[19] Berg had to prepare Butovo for the mass execution of people from greater Moscow and to ensure that these executions would take place smoothly.[21] According to testimony given by Fjodor Tschesnokov, a member of Berg’s execution team, in 1956, trucks were used, which were equipped with valves through which the gas could be directed inside the vehicles. The interrogations revealed that the prisoners were stripped naked, tied up, gagged and thrown into the trucks. Their property was stolen.[19] Berg was arrested on 3 August 1938.[22] sentenced to death for participating in a “counter-revolutionary conspiracy within the NKVD” and executed on 3 March 1939.[19]

The scale at which these trucks were used is unknown. Author Tomas Kizny assumes that they were in use while Berg oversaw the executions (October 1937 to 4 August 1938). He points to archaeological excavations conducted in 1997. Then 59 corpses were exhumed who most likely had been killed during Berg’s tenure. Only four of these victims had been shot in the head, which leads Kizny to conclude that at least some of them had been gassed.[19]

Journalist Yevgenia Albats maintains that gas vans were a “Soviet invention”.[23] Kizny names Berg as the “inventor”.[19] Historians of the Holocaust like Henry Friedlander argue that the mobile gas chambers were invented in 1940.