Donbas Mafia Turing Against Separatists (??)

Intriguing headline, though I don’t see any evidence for it.

Not a very good auto-translation, unfortunately:

Most importantly, what I wanted to talk about. The fact that, in my opinion, there has been a drastic change in events. I long to understand what it is connected until I realized that last Thursday (April 17 ) was shodnyak where thieves Donetsk put it, stood on the side of Ukraine . And , here , on Friday thereafter passed Geneva , which passed the Europe Ukraine relegated . And the day before was a little-known but more impact on the lives of Donetsk event – the thieves were in favor of Ukraine . The scale of this event can not be overemphasized . I have said in one of the last gear that chain of command in Donetsk as follows: cops when thieves , thieves at SBU SBU under the FSB. And, just because the person who ran the FSB at Yanukovych , was a man with a Russian passport.
. . . .

In Mariupol was a little bit different, because there in Mariupol in the building of the executive committee , also occupied by separatists, popped a local former spetsnazivets that these separatists began to teach himself in the face , one by one, until he, too, failed to kumpolu that some hard object . Kumpol was harder than subject spetsnazivets offended, left , rubbing Kumpol , and said that he would return with friends.

Indeed, back with friends and Mariupol executive committee was cleaned and released without any interference , without any counter-terrorist operation without any SBU.