Lithuanian Free Market Institute

I attended this wonderful conference with the Lithuanian Free Market Institute.

On the way back, I flew from Vilnius to Kyiv, then Kyiv to Lviv. We circled around Lviv b/c of fog, then returned to Kyiv. I spent the day there and completed the return next evening. I had the chance to visit my old apartment in Kyiv. To my horror, I could not find the 500GB flash drive I thought I had left there.

(I’ve labeled this “Mostly Tourism” simply b/c this post doesn’t get into the content of the lectures much.)


I’ve added this photo of Prof. Guido Hulsmann.

Professor Guido Hulsman Vilnius

There were also some great lectures by Professor Josef Sima. He showed a great sense of humor.

Despite what I suspect was a mild case of food poisoning, I attended all the conference events except for the evening bar crawls.