Many Americans Renounce Citizenship, Hitting New Record

It may seem like a drop in the bucket, especially when droves want to immigrate to America. Still, the newly published names of individuals who renounced their U.S. citizenship or terminated long-term U.S. residency is up, with 576 for the quarter and 1,577 so far this year. The growing trend is a sad one, with record numbers of Americans renouncing their U.S. citizenship.

For all the immigrant arrivals, the trickle the other direction is becoming more pronounced. The tally was 2,999 for all of 2013, a 221% increase over the 932 who left in 2012. The Treasury Department is required to publish a quarterly list, a kind of public outing putting Americans on notice of who relinquished their rights.

Friend of mine: “#firstworldproblems 3000 Americans renouncing their citizenship a year vs 3000 Ukrainians applying for a chance to apply for an American green card every 48 hours”

9 thoughts on “Many Americans Renounce Citizenship, Hitting New Record

    1. walt

      I haven’t read mish in ages, he really has some insane articles on your posted link, like many if not most libertarians.

      But, in you link I could not find the Zbig qoute, where was it?

      You also mentioned before, and labeled him a peacenik. Beware of wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      1. Beauregard

        When I looked at citation – it changed – slight of keyboard?

        When I get a chance, I will try to find original.

        Roman has copy of good picture of Russian Aid Convoy.

        Maybe he will post it?

  1. Beauregard

    Walt requested information:

    A search of Mish’s web site brought me to original posting:

    History Repeating?

    Steingart continues …

    We interrupt our own train of thought: “History is not
    repeating itself!” But can we be so sure about that these
    days? In view of the war events in the Crimean and
    eastern Ukraine, the heads of states and governments of
    the West suddenly have no more questions and all the
    answers. The US Congress is openly discussing arming
    Ukraine. The former security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski
    recommends arming the citizens there for house-to-house
    and street combat. The German Chancellor, as it is her
    habit, is much less clear but no less ominous: “We are
    ready to take severe measures.“

    The Tagesspiegel: “Enough talk!“ The FAZ: “Show
    strength“. The Süddeutsche Zeitung: “Now or never.“
    The Spiegel calls for an “End to cowardice“: “Putin’s web
    of lies, propaganda, and deception has been exposed. The
    wreckage of MH 17 is also the result of a crashed diplomacy.“


    In another comment you implied CIA operatives in eastern
    Ukraine. Any documentation or are reading Russian

    My problem of Mish is I doubt he has ever been to Ukraine.
    If he has, he traveled with a group that did not represent
    ordinary Ukrainians.

    And at my age I do not expect to be able to go back. Especially
    with all the crap going on. Only after finding a cousin did I
    learn that my roots are on the east bank of the Dnepr
    River, not far from Kremenchug. Modern maps do not show
    a village where my great grandfather was supposed to have
    come from. A 1900 map does.

    If my relatives where like my grandfather, then the Soviets did
    away with the whole village. So, today there is just a crossroads.

    In researching Brzezinski I find his heritage is from Ternopil
    Oblast, although he was born in Warsaw. And I find that he is
    associated with the Tri Lateral Commission, a one world organization.

    He is an elitist advocate, not a blue collar guy. So, the quote
    seems out of character.

    Thank you for keeping me honest.

    “Truth will ultimately prevail when there is pains to bring it to light.” George Washington

    1. walt

      Oh, Oh Oh! Dear Beauregard, The CIA story was extreme sarcasim in response to the new commentator, who was talking BS.

      Recently you said to respond to peacenik Mish, maybe in dealing with people like these types, instead of trying to argue against them as Roman has with libertards, it’s better to increase the volume of obsurtidy, by claiming things even more insanly then kremlin trolls do.

      I seriouslyu doubt you can win an argument with “true believers” using facts and logic. Apparently, Roman has had little succeess, so, by pushing the limits further it may do two things, one it will convince the borderline apathetic people in the non libetard field and it may make a few libertarains scratch their heads and bring them to revelation, again as I mentioned, not through logic and argument.

      You see your qoute,
      “In another comment you implied CIA operatives in eastern
      Ukraine. Any documentation or are reading Russian disinformation?”
      you see that even you associate an absurd statement with the “legitimacy” that it came from a russian source. Apparrently I need to go even more absurd to snap some brain cells.

    2. walt

      About Zbig qoute, I did make a similar statement qouting Zbig on this site, and I mentioned that I could not make out from my correct qoute of his, that it included the concept of arming civilians or just goverment types. I do agree the elites are well protected and hiypocritically do not want the regular man to defend himself.
      “there are too many lawyers and bureaucrats”

  2. beauregard


    All my information is white washed, so it could have
    been either you had better information or were
    believing Russian disinformation.

    extreme sarcasm?

    With so many being killed in the fighting, I have to
    wait. I am not getting replies from a couple of
    contacts from Western Ukraine.

    And I know a few secretly trained and knew how to
    fight the old KGB.

    Days of the place in Lviv where you had to know the passwords…


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