My mother crushed me at scrabble . . . twice

but I won the third game :)


edit: These are difficult letters, but there’s actually one great possibility on the board. Does anybody see it?

3 thoughts on “My mother crushed me at scrabble . . . twice

  1. Ed K

    Obviously your mother has imparted her facility with
    language to you. However, you have a track record
    of leadership. The question remains whether you
    choose that path…

    When dealing with words one gets to the word
    leadership. Is leadership always toward the good?
    Was Lenin a leader? Was Stalin a leader? Was Mao
    a leader? Was Jesus Christ a leader?

    There is a fork in the road. Which path will you take?

    No, being a hidden entrepreneur is not leadership. Was
    Steve Jobs a leader? Were his achievements hidden?

    Maybe your mother needs to visit Ukraine. Not the parts
    she is familiar with. Rather some obscure orphanage in
    Eastern Ukraine that spawned the likes of Darya Trushina?

    A former orphan now a big entrepreneur in internet networking.

    She demonstrates both leadership and entrepreneurship. Too
    bad she does not seek political leadership in Ukraine. She has
    the fire inside for greatness.

    ——————– // ——————–


    Understanding the difference between dictatorship and leadership:

    Obama and the Edsel:
    “Whereas the potential buyers of the Edsel
    simply grimaced when they finally saw the
    thing and walked out of the showroom, the
    President and his congressional accomplices
    have arranged for you to be fined if you
    refuse to buy their ugly, overpriced, and
    dysfunctional product.” By David Catron

    1. Roman

      Japan’s “Herbivore” epidemic ( is very different than Ukraine’s demographic crash.

      It’s fascinating topic to study. My hunch is that Japanese men are withdrawing because they are no longer rewarded for competition as they used to be. Women rely on them, nor want to rely on them. If the courts are anything like they are in the US, marriage is an enormous reliability. Macho culture is degraded and vilified by cultural marxists and political correctness. The state performs what was once the husband’s job.

      In Ukraine, it’s different. The culture is more intact, especially in Western Ukraine — the church is important. Families rely upon one another because they have to. The state is utterly incompetent at best, predatory at worst. Macho culture remains highly valued. There are boxing champions and other sportsmen to serve as heroes. Here, the population decline is due to lack of economic opportunity. Men feel insecure in their economic viability. Rightly so, though it isn’t their fault. If there was only some means to property rights (gun ownership???), this place would be awesome.

      Of course, there are cultural marxists who recognize this. They are weak but active, mostly through Universities and NGOs. I remember during my fulbright presentation one self-admitted marxist (from the University of Minnesota if I remember correctly) present his research by standing at the pulpit and smashing all Ukrainians as racists for not embracing diversity. I hope no one takes these parasites seriously. Europeans are entitled to a homeland too.

      Anyway, that’s my observation. I’m curious what my Ukrainian readers think.


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