One thought on “The dollar in 2014

  1. Ed K

    Lost in most commentaries about this issue is analysis
    between economic momentum and medium of exchange.

    Precious metals have difficulty of quick transport.

    Bit coin requires computer or digital knowledge and equipment.

    That leave fiat currencies as easiest medium of exchange and
    able to morph enough to handle the issue of economic momentum.

    Understanding momentum of business requires standing
    on street during recession and boom and visually comprehending
    what is going on.

    What goes on in Ukraine is what is called black market elsewhere.

    What goes on in USA is only grasped by seeing commerce in action,
    not reading or prophesizing about taxes, currencies and esoteric terms.
    Rather it is seen at seaports, interstate highways and places that want.

    ——————— // ———————-

    Important aspects are freedom, initiative, leadership, persistence, etc.

    Leaders are those who stand somewhat larger than life
    and are never content unless struggling to climb above the ordinary.

    Those who become leaders start as ordinary but acquire a inner fire
    to be on the top.

    The skills to take one to the top can be acquired, learned, by
    those with the fire within.


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