1. elmer

    Here’s a link that you might like – how to set a traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve table for the traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Note – 12-courses to signify the apostles, garlic underneath the table cloth to ward off evil, hay on the table to signify that Christ was born in a manger. No caroling allowed before Christmas. Tools laid underneath the table to bring good luck – so the reporter put her microphone under the table. A plate set for any spirits or strangers who might come by.

    The news report video was done in a village almost in the center of Kyiv.


    1. Roman

      Cool, thanks for the link. Though I’ve been familiar with the 12-courses and garlic underneath the table clothe, the hay and an empty plate to remember dead ancestors. That’s how my family rocked Christmas every year in Queens, NY during my childhood. :)

  2. elmer

    Garlic and hay were a bit much for our family.

    Also putting tools of the trade under the table. Also throwing the honeyed wheat (kutia) up to the ceiling.

    Midnight Mass was always a must, and that’s when the entire church rocked with absolutely beautiful singing by the congregation, not only of the liturgy, but also of the wonderful spiritual Ukrainian Christmas carols.


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