Ukraine to shut Russia border, seek EU membership

President Petro Poroshenko on Thursday ordered a temporary closure of Ukraine’s porous border with Russia and voiced plans to apply for EU membership in 2020 as part of his ex-Soviet country’s Westward shift.
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A senior Ukrainian security source told AFP that the border security measures was designed to halt the alleged smuggling of weapons into the separatist east and would enter into force “soon”.

The two steps underscore the extent of Kiev’s alienation from its historic master and deal a further blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s dream of folding Ukraine into a Kremlin-led alliance that could rival NATO and the European Union.

Separating from Russian and arming against further Russian aggression is by far the more important of these two.

Russians, who have the conspiratorial mentality of supermarket tabloids, think everybody is trying to invade them. Nobody is trying to invade. People from Georgia to Moldova to Ukraine to Estonia just want to put up a gigantic wall and separate themselves so they can have some sort of civilization without Russian brutality and corruption.

3 thoughts on “Ukraine to shut Russia border, seek EU membership

  1. beauregard

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    Swimming with the Sharks – Individual sovereignty

    “Being a small fish in a big pond is nothing new to you and me.
    We all understand that there are limits to our ability to fight off
    those who are more powerful than us regardless of how ‘correct’
    or ‘right’ we might be. While this knowledge may lead us to
    carefully consider which battles we engage in or under what
    circumstances we may consider legal action, it doesn’t materially
    change our view of who or what we are. Nor should it.

    “There are those who strenuously argue against the concept of
    personal sovereignty, saying among other things that since one
    cannot withstand the assaults of the much larger sharks, our
    sovereignty is never ‘perfected’ (my word, not theirs) and
    thus my supposition or premise of ‘personal sovereignty’
    is invalid to begin with…

    “I suspect the reason the wealthy and powerful who currently
    control the financial mechanisms that essentially dominate
    the world will not admit that their sovereignty ultimately is
    derived from my/our sovereignty is because to do so is to
    admit they ‘need’ us to empower them. Interestingly they do
    so indirectly by creating laws that supposedly ‘empower’ us,
    but this is done solely in order to defraud us into shifting or
    sharing our sovereignty with them. This contradicts their
    claim to sovereign power by way of their superior intellect,
    business prowess, hereditary entitlement, military strength,
    political power, majority consensus or whatever cock and
    bull story they can pull out of their hat…

    “My sovereignty is derived by right of birth as a human being
    which is the vessel of my consciousness. From this moment
    forward I choose to reclaim my sovereignty, however slow
    the process may be. It was fraudulently taken from me when
    I was too young and immature to understand the nature or
    implications of the implied consent ‘contract’ I supposedly
    agreed to…

    “Unlike so many others who ‘see’ (personal) sovereignty as
    the product or outcome of external force applied or repelled,
    and that this sovereignty is created or exchanged by way of
    the consent of the people, coerced or not, I am withdrawing
    my consent or agreement in order to reclaim my right to
    exercise my own sovereignty in the same manner that I am
    withdrawing my consent to the Ponzi and the financial
    control system.


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